Valentins QT Solutions
Valentins QT Solutions 


Welcome to my new QT Solutions Web page.


What is the intention behind Valentins QtSolutions? Well, in the last few years the class library QT, formerly developed by Trolltech and now continued by Nokia Inc., became a very powerful tool for all developers who want to develop applications in a platform independent way.


So did the author of VISolutions with his own projects. Starting these with Qt 4.5.x, the result is a summary of a few little nice tools which have been growing around the years. Of course, none of these projects is finished (is there any software which is really finished?), but they are in a state to give them to the public.

All source and code material on this WEB page is distributed under the GPL license except stated otherwise. In such cases you will find a separate copyright notice about the material. If you have any suggestions or want to contribute to these projects, please cantact me.

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