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Automatic Backup

The idea of AutomaticBackup was to have a small tool which can be installed on (nearly) any platform and which allows to do the job of backup copies as silent and as possible. Of course, there is a lot of tools available for this but most oftem have very complex user interface, some even manipulating the system during installation. Most people just want their documents folder to ba backed up from time to time, either onto another hard disk or onto USB device. This should work automatically from time to time (otherwise nobody will do it). Three different operating modes fulfill everyone‘s needs:

  • Startup mode does the backups directly after login
  • Background mode does the job every hour but with low CPU and hard disk activity
  • Shutdown mode does the job at the end of the work and after this shuts down the machine

The solution is simple: AutomaticBackup is a small, simple aplication just running in auto start and does this job. When the destination is a USB hard disk or stick it even prompts for inserting this media if not found (so you can force yourself to really do it!). Besides that, there are more important features:

  • The possibility to exclude files or folders from being copied to the backup.
  • The possibility to interactively clean up the destination directory from time to time
  • Recognizing the fact when directories or files have been moved in the source directory (not keeping duplicates of them)

Of course, there are some things left to be done:


  • ...